A one blushing beauty with Jolie’s bespoke bow accent straps and contrasting floral text..
IDR 975,000
Exudes your femininity with this season’s delightful hue top that highlights beautiful shoulde..
IDR 525,000
Basic off the shoulder dress is no doubt one of your must haves. 100% cotton with elastic waist. ..
IDR 379,000
One sultry statement top with elevated flowing frills that is a match made for daring individual. ..
IDR 615,000
Let's go a little bit oldies and classy with this Framble Pants! COLOR: Black MATERIAL: Stre..
IDR 789,000
An irresistible statement jumpsuit of dainty lace top with this season’s key silhouette of col..
IDR 985,000
An elegant muted palette dress with loud structure of alluring asymmetric lower part and charming la..
IDR 985,000
Enjoy the dazzling tiered dance of our asymmetrical happiness with high waist cut for slimming quali..
IDR 705,000
Meet your new weekend dress, the effortless and refreshing monotone dress that features bold lace ac..
IDR 895,000
A crisp button down shirt with loose fitting . Featuring wide sleeves with scallops shape detailing ..
IDR 329,000