Fashion Talks with Fanny Tjandra

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Co-Founder and Finance Director of Jolie Clothing


“ Fashion changes. Style is eternal.”



As one of the highlighted fashion brands in Indonesia, Jolie Clothing is created by two young talents, Stefani Tan and Fanny Tjandra. It’s directed to be a fashion line that values feminine affordable luxury through its collections. Luckily, we had the opportunity to chat with one of Jolie’s founders in person, Ms. Fanny Tjandra.


Behind The Scene of Jolie Clothing

Jolie was created based on the similarity of Stefani Tan and Fanny Tjandra in passion. “Me and Steph actually knew each other since we were kids, then we went to different countries for colleges. I took Accounting Finance (e-commerce) and she took Fashion Design. What a perfect match, right?” she explained. They met each other in person after graduation in Jakarta, and voila! Jolie Clothing was launched in early 2014 as a self-manufactured local fashion brand.


Inside Story of Jolie Clothing

Each collection will carry independent theme and all of our products are presented exclusively in one limited time period. We value limitations in our product numbers aligning with our attempt of maintaining customer’s satisfaction. Every item is produced using series of premium materials, carefully manufactured by our well-experienced tailors, and delivered by trustworthy service oriented teams before it reaches our valuable customer.

Growing rapidly through online selling, Jolie is now spreading wings through offline stores in Jakarta and Surabaya. Fanny herself has a very specific reason for that. “Back to brand strategy and what we actually believe. Obviously, we always learn about the market. With our advanced Instagram followers and sales, we recognize their buying behavior and we actually realize that the demand is absolutely high. Some people need to feel the fabric and measure the size, yet others don’t have time for all of that so they stay online.”

Fanny also stated that she still has high hopes for Jolie, regarding its market. “I want Jolie to grow bigger internally and externally. Looking at high promising demand, we want to be able to embrace and fulfill itupgrading what we are already doing today to be even better.” Fanny said.  


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