The Untold Stories of Goodfellas Premium Barbershop

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Fernando Jayapranata, Wisnu Rudiono and Andre Astono

Founders of Goodfellas


“Barbershop for us is the one-stop destination for male grooming and

head essentials.“

From Melbourne college buddies all the way back to Surabaya – Goodfellas is the FIRST AND REAL premium barbershop in Surabaya, owned by Fernando, Wisnu and Andre. Located in the front area of Intro, Goodfellas Premium brings attitude, skills and knowledge of barber to the next level. “Barbershop in Indonesia is commonly identical with thin-layered hair cut, with no significant hairstyles or else,” Wisnu explained. With knowledge and passion in this business, they want to prove that barbershop is not just an option, yet a one-stop destination for male grooming and other head essentials.


Goodfellas’ Hidden Stories

The very first barbershop was established in 1950s by Americans, and that’s where all the ‘barbershop euphoria’ began. Today, men who usually go to a hair salon slowly shift to barbershop. Why? Merely because barbershop is more casual, manly and simple. But it doesn’t mean our barbers are less educated or unexperienced. Hair salon is mostly for women, and that’s why sometimes men are less interested in that.” Andre said.

Why did Goodfellas finally decide to branch out into a premium outlet? “We know from the beginning that Goodfellas must be one step ahead from another barbershop in Surabaya, or even in Indonesia. So, we create this premium grade of Goodfellas to fulfill and give more than what our customers get in other barbershop.” Wisnu said.

Differentiation and Innovation

As a premium barbershop, it is vital to have perfection in everything. From the very first time customers walk in, the ambience at Goodfellas will speak out its true identity. “We guarantee customer satisfaction with skilled barbers, services, and personal touch. All these will ultimately make customers come back for another haircutting experience.”

Moreover, Fernando and team also have a long-term goal for their business. “We want to have a haircutting academy – where all attitude, skills and knowledge become unity.” Before the session finished, they added this, “In the end .. it’s all about good cut, good manner, and GOOD FELLAS!”. Yes, we do agree with you guys J



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