An evening teatime with Darryl Iswaratioso

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Founder of Cacaoté Patisserie – Brasserie – Bar

“Experience the fine taste of French-European patisserie here in Cacaoté.”


All the way from Jakarta right to the center of East Surabaya, Cacaoté Patisserie, Brasserie and Bar presents its concept of upscale dining restaurant. Established in late 2012, Darryl and his partners decided to bring classic European design as the identity of Cacaoté.

Chef Story: Darryl Iswaratioso

“The desserts and pastries at Cacaoté are my own creation and interpretation of contemporary French. I use classic techniques, but then I develop the recipes for modern taste. We also have a special chef who masters his own menus for entrée and mains,” Darryl explained. Graduated from Accounting Finance, Darryl then went to take patisserie class in Melbourne. After eight years of experience working in Australia, he was finally back in Jakarta to gear up his dream on owning a business. That was how it all began.

“I want Cacaoté to be the place that suits everyone providing great food, memorable ambience and delightful desserts. Even for late night drinks, let’s say Vodka or Wine.” He added some information that in the next upcoming months Cacaoté Surabaya will launch Afternoon Tea Package. “A cup of tea never goes wrong. Especially for office break or a casual meeting,” Darryl said.

Best selling menu in Cacaoté

When the name of the dessert carries the same name as the establishment, you have to bet that it will be pretty good – the reputation of the restaurant is riding on it, after all. Cacaoté carries twice the burden because the name of both the eatery and dessert refer to chocolate, giving extra high expectations. Fortunately, the signature Cacaoté cake definitely does them proud - that glossy chocolate glaze on top reveals layer upon layer of chocolate, each prepared with various textures and intensity levels. It’s everything people love about chocolate distilled to its essence, and also the famous Salted Caramel Éclair – which presents the pure delicacy of salted caramel and Cacaoté artisan chocolates. Those creations are emblematic of the care and imagination that Darryl Iswaratioso puts into the huge variety of tempting cakes, pastries and desserts that populate the colorful irresistible display case.

In the closure of our interview with Darryl, we asked him to describe Cacaoté in three words. “It’s quality, taste, and …… ah, perfection.” he smiled.

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