For Your Wardrobe Upgrade : In Style

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Considering the need of fashion for women, we are creating a ‘department of comfort’, filled with collections from local fashion brands ready to win the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.


In Style was born with the main idea of delivering ‘pleasure in shopping experience’. By combining various brands into unity, In Style aims to highlight the versatility of designer pieces for all as a daily needs.



Here, we have locals’ favorite clothing line such as Jolie Clothing, Flomors, Gema, The Pixie Rack, Elis Official, La Cherie and Hello Alice. The collections are not seasonal but always ready for every occasion - from your daily wears to work outfits and even party dresses.  No more wardrobe malfunction, we fix it just for you.

Located on the 2nd floor, the minimalist interior of the store accentuates the warm and inviting air that is both comfy and aesthetically pleasing. So, why wait? Fill up your wardrobe by visiting us now or you’ll regret it later.








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